Vrtec Šentvid
Ulica pregnancev 6, 1210 Ljubljana Šentvid
Tel.: 01 513 03 50
Fax: 01 513 03 70

Counselling service in Vrtec Šentvid

Counselling services consists of:

  • a counsellor, pedagogist
  • and a teacher for children with special needs.

The main objective of the counselling service is in supporting and helping pre-school teachers, assistants and parents to provide the best conditions for the children’s development. A counsellor’s work is prevention oriented: helping adults to understand children better and to respond to their needs. Co-operation with parents is of major importance. Counselling is based on the principle of parents’ free will, mutual agreement and confidentiality. With a parents’ approval we can contact other professional institutions if it is deemed necessary.
We offer support and help in case of problems during the introductory period in the nursery or in the transition to primary school. Our particular concerns are with special needs children. Meetings take place in form of individual meetings and counselling, or workshops and lectures for parents.

All of the parents are invited to lectures, known as »School for parents«. Our wish is to offer them advice and an opportunity to discover more about the developmental characteristics of children. ‘School for parents’ is a project supported by the City of Ljubljana and its Office for Prevention of Drug Abuse. Lectures on various topics suggested by parents and staff are held by outside specialists.

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  • 25. oktober 2018

    Združevanje v času jesenskih počitnic!

    V času jesenskih počitnic bosta zaradi zmanjšanega števila otrok v ponedeljek, 29. 10. in torek, 30. 10. odprti enoti Sapramiška in Mravljinček, v petek, 2. 11., pa Enota Sapramiška. Enoti Mišmaš in Vid ter dislocirani oddelek Zvezde bodo zaprti, otroci bodo razporejeni v Enoto Sapramiška. V petek, 2. 11. bo zaprta tudi Enota Mravljinček, otroci bodo razporejeni v Enoto Sapramiška.

  • 23. oktober 2018

    Zbiralna akcija papirja

    Danes in jutri poteka zbiralna akcija papirja. Kontejnerji za papir so pred enotama Sapramiška in Mravljinček.

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