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Extra activities

Within the framework of the basic program according to the pre-school curriculum we are offering various activities througout the year: organizing celebrations, sports activities, field trips, visits to galleries, museums and theatres ... also visits to the nursery by different artists.
Periodically fire fighters, police officers and other service-members visit the nursery to teach the children about health, safety and life of the surrounding community.
We also take part in projects that connect nurseries across the country, including ecological projects, sports programs for children and pre-reading programs in co-operation with the local library ...
We also offer some extra activities, e.g. a children’s choir, an art workshop and exercise in pairs for parents and children. These activities are managed by our staff; parents only contribute towards the cost of any necessary materials.
For older children we organize winter skiing, summer seaside holidays and camps in the countryside or on farms. All of these activities are carried out with parental agreement.

There are also activities which are conducted by suitably qualified outsiders: afternoon sports and dance activities.

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