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Nutrition and health protection

A well balanced diet is one of main health factors in all stages of life. Children even more than adults need to eat a wide variety of foods to maintain good health. A child can spend up to 9 hours a day in the pre-school, so the food he eats there should provide 70% of the recommended daily nutrition requirements.
In VRTEC ŠENTVID we offer children well balanced, fresh, healthy meals which include all of the main groups of foods. Three or four meals are provided in the course of the day (breakfast, lunch, fruit snack and afternoon snack), according to children’s age. They are offered drinks with lower sugar content. New dishes are constantly introduced. There are lots of fruit, vegetables and whole-grain products. Special diet meals are prepared for children with certain health problems. We help the children to build healthy eating habits, so that they will approach eating with a positive attitude – that food is something to enjoy, which helps them to grow and gives them energy.

Health prevention in VRTEC ŠENTVID is carried out in accordance with the
regulations for the prevention of infectious deseases. We provide a clean, healthy and
safe environment for children and encourage them to learn to take care of their own

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