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Parent participation

Parent participation in VRTEC ŠENTVID is very important. There are several different types of cooperation, some are listed here:

  • Individual talks with pre-school teachers before a child’s enrolment and his/her presence in the play-group during the settling-in period.
  • Daily exchange of information about the child.
  • Monthly open hours for in-depth discussions about the child.
  • Parents’ participation in the play-room (assistance, sharing of individual talents and interests; accompanying children and teachers on excursions...).
  • Written information about the current focus of the curriculum in the play-group - shown on the notice board - and ideas for continuing and extending learning at home.
  • Parental meetings within the play-group.
  • Parental meetings before a child’s enrolment.
  • Lectures, discussions and workshops with psychologists and other child specialists.
  • Joint celebrations, events, workshops for staff, parents and children.

Parents can also participate through the ‘board of parents’, which consists of a one-parent representative from each group. Involvement in the board ofparents means playing an active part in the decision-making process at the nursery.

The tasks of the board are...

  • proposing of and giving consent to extra programs
  • approving the annual work plan and a plan of development
  • dealing with complaints
  • voting representatives onto the nursery council.
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  • 25. oktober 2018

    Združevanje v času jesenskih počitnic!

    V času jesenskih počitnic bosta zaradi zmanjšanega števila otrok v ponedeljek, 29. 10. in torek, 30. 10. odprti enoti Sapramiška in Mravljinček, v petek, 2. 11., pa Enota Sapramiška. Enoti Mišmaš in Vid ter dislocirani oddelek Zvezde bodo zaprti, otroci bodo razporejeni v Enoto Sapramiška. V petek, 2. 11. bo zaprta tudi Enota Mravljinček, otroci bodo razporejeni v Enoto Sapramiška.

  • 23. oktober 2018

    Zbiralna akcija papirja

    Danes in jutri poteka zbiralna akcija papirja. Kontejnerji za papir so pred enotama Sapramiška in Mravljinček.

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